Friday, January 16, 2009

A Little About Arrowpoint And Some Optimism Here

At Arrowpoint we strongly believe that innovation is alive and well in America. As early and early-emerging stage investors, we canvass this country, and we see great technological progress in places like Winston-Salem, Atlanta, Raleigh-Durham, the Washington, D.C. area, throughout New Jersey, Denver, Boston and especially New York.

The Arrowpoint partners collectively have more than 60 years experience in the venture business, and we have in aggregate posted more than $2 billion in positive returns, earned through the decades, encompassing nearly every economic cycle from boom to bust. In fact, we happen to believe that many great companies emerge during difficult periods.

We are professional investors and we never forget that, but we also have first-rate credentials in starting and managing companies. With early-stage investing, it is important to empathize with the people we invest in; that’s easier to do because we have been in situations similar to those we have made investments in. And we have a 24x7 mentality, so we are always there when our companies need us; and we have many references who will attest to this.

Arrowpoint’s mission is to restore venture capital to its rightful position as an economic driver in the United States, which, incidentally, will also be lucrative to our investors, our entrepreneurs and us.

We are primarily interested in ideas that have a strong potential to improve a significant part of the world so we tend to focus on market size above all else. Arrowpoint’s partners are all technically and managerially strong, with extensive personal networks, but we realize that our former competencies are past achievements and not fodder for new invention, even though some of us are accomplished inventors. So we look to team up with talented people who are dreamers, as we are. Without the dreamers who have populated history, where would the world be now?

We also realize that we can’t know or do everything so we have some specific areas that we focus on. That includes, (but certainly isn’t limited to):

• Internet and eBusiness Applications
• Digital Media
• Business Analytics
• Medical (although not clinical) Technology
• Business Services
• Wireless Applications

Arrowpoint has a renowned advisory board, which we are willing to discuss in private, but out of respect for our friends who help us, we will not publish them on our website. We also have guiding principles that emphasize smaller (but not insignificant) fund sizes because we believe that early-stage investing, from a mathematical perspective demands this, a non-hierarchical organizational structure, and an environment that gladly tolerates dissent among our partners. We also treat our limited partners as equals by providing them with unprecedented transparency, and a nearly unique profit sharing program. At Arrowpoint, we think it is our duty to provide superior returns that go way beyond simply doubling the capital that we manage, and we strive to construct strategies that will do just that.

Arrowpoint also forms joint ventures with universities, financial institutions, other venture firms and such who are looking to either commercialize inventions, or salvage sub-optimal situations.

We are not in a hurry to make investments but we are very anxious about helping the world. If we do our jobs properly, as we know we can do, everyone will benefit.

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