Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Thinking About Puking

I have been dying to write this piece, but have approached the subject with some trepidation. As we go through what we are going through, and despite any other physical impairments (of which I now have many), I have the urge to regurgitate more often than I have ever in the past. Why is this? (1) I constantly read bullshit blogs that say nothing about the raw facts that the worldwide society is confronting. (2) I see self-congratulatory crap that comes from my own community (the VC industry.) (3) When I read junk about Washington, all I can discern is posturing, oratory and dissembling. (4) When I scan reader commentary, it is obvious to me that they (the readers) are living in a fantasy world along with the writers. (5) The "American Dream" is broken, and this breaks my heart. (6) My children and yours will live in a world that has much less opportunity than what I had when I was 21 years old. (7) Morals and ethics (notwithstanding the recent MBA initiatives) have sunk to a new low so that even the Pope has to scold us. (8) The nuclear proliferation scene is at at it hottest point in 50 years. (9) We are building debt so fast that for the first time in my life, I hope that I don't live very long. (10) I am actually considering moving to Switzerland but I don't think they will have me. (I don't have a Marc Rich/Pinky Greene pedigree...ie unlimited funds to contribute to that country.) (11) Our constitutional rights (ie. second amendment et al) are under extreme attack, though it may be fatal for those that attack them.

So I am very sorry to have to write this, and it may be the last thing that I do write. Maybe if you read several blogs that lead up to this you will understand...or read many previous blogs. But I am about to give up on American progress and will, as you will too, sink into the abyss that puts us into that infernal middle-of-the-road.


John A.

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