Monday, February 2, 2009

A Couple Of Weeks Ago I Reported That The Nobama Uplift Would Fail

Well guess what; it is failing. Worldwide we are continuing to lose unprecedented numbers of jobs; by the day companies are reporting falling earnings; we switched from the "good bank bad bank theory" his appointments are getting hit with ethical transgressions; and so forth and so on. The stock market continues its inexorable decline. The government is touting that is is a willing employer which furthers the socialization trend that I have been writing about. Ford despite their stoicism will soon collapse. The Chinese just reported that they sent 26 million people back to their provinces...what the hell will this cause?

In the meantime, not a single new car is being sold, the boating industry is in a shambles, and this just goes to prove that this problem eclipses any single person in an executive position, including Obama, about to navigate these waters; and the last I looked, he talks a good game but is seriously lacking in navigational skills.


An update on 2/3/2009...nominees under fire...I count four thus far; this one being the most about navigation...with what you have to go through in DC to get even to this point, this crap is shocking.

Also posted by the now (unfortunately bankrupt) Chicago Tribune (I grew up with that paper and read it every day:)

The Chicago Tribune opined that "Daschle is dispensable" and suggested that "to proclaim high standards and then suspend them exposes Obama to charges that he is either hypocritical or obtuse."

Calling Edward Smith (oops, the captain of the Titanic, I mean Obama) we better get this ship steered away from these icebergs.

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