Monday, February 16, 2009

Gun Sales--From My Favorite Texas Reporter

Last night on Fox News (north Texas) they did a 5 minute segment on guns and ammo sales.

According to the reporter gun sales are up 30% over the same time last year. The primary weapons are Glocks and "assault rifles". The reporter went on to cite that average shelf life of a Glock is a day and "assault weapons" is a day and a half.
He said that the concealed handgun license classes are full, ranges are expanding and that the gun stores can't keep the ammo on the shelves because people are stocking up.

He said that this run on guns is because of the "Obama. Effect". The people believe that Obama will try to curb their ability to defend themselves.

My only comment is that stocking up is a lot different from getting concealed hand gun licenses and shooting practice by people who never owned guns. It is fear ..... Or as they say in the south "fixin to get ready"

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