Sunday, April 26, 2009

Another Scoop!?

If you happened to catch today's New York Times "The Weekend in Review" section today you probably saw an article entitled, "No You Can't Get An Upgrade." Here's a link to that piece if you would like to peruse it.

What's interesting is that the author, Mr. David Segal addresses issues that are highly similar to those that we covered in this blog in a February 28, 2009 post. He even uses the word entitlement, albeit in a slightly different our blog preceded his article by more than 2 months.

Now nobody over here (Chilleri, Ziegler, or me) is trying to be "Mr. Smarty Pants" but it seems pretty apparent that some politicians, elements in the media and others just aren't "getting it" in a timely manner. How hard is it to figure out that if, for example, new cars aren't selling, then the car companies worldwide are in deep trouble! After all, you can't save your way to growth...yet some institutions are behaving like ostriches and are doing a fine job finding plenty of sand with which to bury their heads.

In any event, if you haven't read the NY Times article linked to above, you might be interested to see what it says and if you want, compare it to the February 28 blog posting.

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