Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Jobs! "Workers Walk The Plank"

If you haven't read this editorial, which showed up in the Times this morning, I think you should. It highlights a central focus addressed by our prior blogs and something that the administration in Washington should be emphasizing more than they are.

It also, in my opinion, properly lambastes Wall Street for the egregious bonuses that they are proposing for 2009 and beyond. Hell, the American public owns major chunks of these financial institutions; isn't it time that we started behaving like shareholders and put an end to this nonsense? I simply can't buy the argument that we need excessive compensation to keep "talent" (such as it really exists...let's get real, this isn't brain surgery) in place. For every Wall Street professional who gets balky about this, I guarantee you that I can find ten people who would gladly accept their position for 1/3rd (or less) of the compensation.

Here's the link:


And a more recent link (5/4/2009):


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