Saturday, August 8, 2009

Global Warming Redux

Do you know what that lovely image above is? No, it's not some abstract art. It's a picture, taken from space, of the thick smog that blankets China, and eventually travels elsewhere around the world.

Several posts ago (July 23rd to be exact) I stated that until and unless the Chinese and the Indians agree to clean up their acts, that all attempts by other nations to improve the environment will prove to be futile. Well the link below explains that these two prime offenders have basically told the world to "kiss off," and that they're not going to jeopardize their economies by enacting, implementing and enforcing clean air policies. Here's the link:

Their central (specious) argument is that, per capita, China and India pollute less than we or others do. They utterly ignore that the capita is precisely the problem here. Who knows if the world is built well-enough to contain nearly seven billion people? These two countries also cry foul because others polluted heavily during their own industrial revolutions; that is certainly accurate. But we didn't know any better way back in history and when we discovered that our streams, rivers and lakes were rancid from dumped industrial waste, we began to clean things up. France leads the world in safe, manageable and pollution-free nuclear energy...honestly, we Americans should follow suit no matter what because the nuclear energy solution is far superior in almost all respects to anything else out there.

But with all this clean tech propaganda being foisted on us by our slippery administration, all they are going to accomplish is to spend vast (tax supported) amounts on measures that will be meaningless in a world-context, unless China and India get religion here, so to speak.

And it seems that both countries have spoken and what they have told us is to "go get lost." So we push on by building so-called clean cars that most people don't want, and on inflicting emissions standards that are exorbitantly expensive, and on attempting to legislate silly cap-and-trade regulations that will simply allow our own worst offenders to continue being just that.

If someone in Washington would take off their dunce hat and replace it with a thinking cap, they would encourage the world to offer whatever economic concessions/punishments it takes to get China and India to play pollution-free baseball with us.

Finally, I have no idea if there really is a legitimate global warming problem, I have so stated in the past, and my opinion is backed by at least a thousand credible scientists. But the smog, carcinogenic rivers, deadly water supplies and the like that exist in China and India can't be good for the world, and so global warming or not, they need, commencing yesterday, to seriously address their environmental problems. Or else.

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