Saturday, August 8, 2009

Health Care Reform As Presently Constructed May Be DOA

Of course, I am not alone in believing this, but I think it is a very positive development. The French who have long touted their universal health care system are retrenching and Mon Dieu, even considering lifting some elements from America's present system. Here's a link that explains this:

In a separate article, The Wall Street Journal reports that 68% of Americans are satisfied with their health coverage, and that they oppose the taxes that would be required to pay for what is being proposed by pending legislation:

Many posts ago I started blathering about social unrest, but I had no inkling that it would be this health care mess that might precipitate that unease. Yet in state after state, district after district, plain ole folk are storming their congressional representatives at town meetings being held to discuss health care reform. Some would have it that the demonstrations, shouting matches and such are fomented by right-wingers and Republicans, and while I know that those factions have been very vocal, I'm simply not buying the argument that all the protesters are stooges. The congress people are running home scared, faster than a 3-minute miler. According to some congressmen, "the situation is becoming dangerous." I've got news for you, you haven't seen anything will get worse, much worse.

From my perspective, health-care reform is an utterly legitimate discussion, and there are certainly micro-economic elements that can be addressed, as my good friend Bob H. has pointed out. But here's a fact for you to chew on. The American public is deeply distrustful whenever the government starts poking its nose into programs that directly affect them, and this oratorical administration is jamming its whole body into this deal.

Washington is very quick and highly disingenuous in declaring victories with respect to the economy...we are still in horrible shape. I don't think that they are going to be able to declare anything about health care reform because these idiot politicians (sorry, that's redundant) have simply bitten off way more than they should have, unfortunately, as is typical.

Mrs. Pelosi et al, I have bad news for you. Your days, politically, are numbered.

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