Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Afghanistan Fiasco (Continued)

In blogs posted on November 24, 2009 and December 9, 2009 I criticized severely the war effort in Afghanistan. Basically I asserted that this altercation is unwinnable, unpopular and unfair to those poor kids who risk their lives pursuing America's futile quest in the Middle East.

As just reported in the NY Times, Karzai the sleezebag is said to be cozying up to the Taliban because he believes that neither the West nor NATO forces can ultimately prevail. While it would have been nice if Karzai had made this proclamation more than a year ago, I find it hard to blame him for voicing, what seemed to me all along, an obvious truth. For all the gory details, you can follow the link below:

In a related editorial, Bob Herbert opines in his usual eloquent style. In "The Courage to Leave" Herbert exhorts our government to admit that we have deeply misjudged the situation in Afghanistan and in effect, to get the hell out of there now. I couldn't agree more. Here's the link:

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