Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Prevaricator In Chief

History dubbed Ronald Regan "The Great Communicator." I think that our President will in the future deserve a different moniker...Prevaricator In Chief. Here's why.

I listened to another endless monologue from President Obama this morning. He was at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh regaling the audience with all the fabulous progress we have been making in America, ostensibly under his (self-imagined) stellar leadership. I wondered why this guy so doggedly eschews press conferences while at the same time, he relishes making speeches like this by the dozen. Then it hit me. Obama isn't comfortable with the unstructured, open agenda that characterizes any president's session with the fourth estate. Media representatives have the nasty habit that they pester politicians with questions that one might rather not answer or that one may not have answers to. Obama absolutely loves to have answers, no matter how wrong-headed they are. Even more, he adores lecturing and moralizing on nearly any topic, no doubt with his trusty, able-bodied teleprompter in tow. However, more than anything, Obama cherishes that he can tell lies, distort facts, paint rosy pictures and in his "government is almighty" version of reality, pretty much get away with it all because of course, he and his minions know better than anyone how to fix everything.

Thank God that the President is a pretty poor prevaricator or he might actually be able to put one over on the American public. But his equivocation and dissembling are so overt that I suspect even his little daughter knows that her father is full of crap ("Daddy, did you plug the leak yet? No sweetie, but I'll stick my finger in it this morning, right after I'm finished shaving, I promise.")

Obama says the economy is getting healthier. Which parallel universe is he living in? Nearly 40 million people are now on food stamps for Christ's sake. The nominal unemployment rate is nearly 10% and the real one is almost 20%. Real estate foreclosures are through the roof to the extent that the courts are so congested that some folks just stop paying their mortgages and continue to live in the property for months if not years. The government is printing money and incurring debt at unprecedented levels, and if people don't understand that this is going to come back and bite them in the butt big time, then they deserve Obama's rhetoric. Check out 21 or so more reasons why the economy certainly isn't recovering by reading the following article:

Senior government stooges (undoubtedly at Obama's behest) recently uttered that "The government is in charge of the oil spill situation in the Gulf," or some such poppycock. The truth is that there is no one who can control this catastrophe because such an operation has never before been attempted at such depths...something someone should have thought about before they started poking holes deep into the earth. I fear that the real scenario could be that the Gulf of Mexico is permanently destroyed, that the oil may not stop leaking for a long time (way past August) and that cleanup efforts will never succeed in restoring things. Rather than have some Washington lackey assure the world that the relief wells that come online in August will "almost certainly plug the leak;" a statement that no reputable scientist would dare to make, I would grudgingly respect a spokesperson who emulated the grotesque colonel in "A Few Good Men" and said, "You want the truth? You can't handle the truth."

Obama is mendacious about the economy and deceitful regarding the Gulf. His wars in the Middle East are an abomination, admittedly inherited, but shamefully continued during his administration. The President misled us about his position before he was elected and thereafter, he deflected like crazy in carrying out his own war escalation.

The dishonesty in Washington and in particular, The White House, continues to sicken the population. Did they offer Joe Sestak a job or not? Well, go ask that famous truth-teller Bill Clinton. Is the health care legislation going to save or cost money? It depends on whose figures one believes. Are Republicans blocking important legislation or saving us from congressional-induced perils? Who knows, and who would believe any opinion on this anyway?

People, tea-parties or whatnot are utterly fed up with this disingenuous nonsense; I hope that in the fall they throw all the bums out. There isn't any baby in this rancid bath water.

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