Saturday, June 12, 2010

American Nero...Good Graphic, Different Subject

I recently used the graphic above which depicts Obama as Nero, fiddling while Rome burns. Just yesterday, a WSJ opinion piece likened the Prez to "An American Nero." You can access the link below. The article's gist is that the President, PICUS or whatever insists on throwing parties and taking vacations while:

1. The Gulf oil spill gets worse, Obama's ridiculous "ass-kicking" statements notwithstanding.
2. The economy is in shambles.
3. The "war" in Afghanistan deteriorates into dust (see my next blog.)
4. The US debt/deficit situation has escalated to "condition red."
5. The health care legislation is starting to look like the disaster that many predicted it would be; PICUS is now running around defending it like crazy to anyone who will listen to him...seniors, doctors, congress, whomever.

You can read all this for yourself but I was amused that the analogy they used is the same one that, a few days ago, I also conjured up.

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